Protein-RNA Interaction Database

This is a repository of interactions found by Entangle and compiled into various tables for use by the RNA community. It contains raw Excel/Access Databases and data "processed" into useful Figures for people who don't want to wade through the primary data. At present it contains informations from 42 PDBs (9/1/00) but we are updating it every few months.

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The tables below are in Excel format. They are derived from 42 PDBs. If you want to know what the PDBs are and their references, click here.

In order to result with tables less biased we have used only one copy of each molecule in our searches. In many x-ray structures there is more than one copy of the protein in the asymmetric unit. For example in the B. steraothermophilus TRAP protein there are 22 copies of the protein in PDB 1C9S. You don't really want to count it each time!

To get these files just use "Save Link As" in your browser to bring down the appropriate .xls files format (Excel).

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