Comparison of Numbering of Critical Residues in Subunit I.
Heart			Paracoccus		Function

H61			H94			cyt a. ligand
H378			H413			cyt a. ligand

H376			H411			cyt. a3 ligand
Gly351 (C=O)					H-bonds above His.

H240			H276			CuB ligand
-----			Y280			H-bonds above His and OH of FE
Y244			-----			OH of FE

H290			H325 (?)		CuB ligand
T309			T344			H-bond H325(on)
F305 (C=O)		F340			H-bond H325 (off)		
H291			H326			CuB ligand

E 198			_			Mg ligand			
H368			_			Mg ligand		
D 369			_			Mg ligand

			R473			H-bonds propionate C	
			W164			H-bonds      "
			H403			H-bonds propionate D
D91			D124			P input
E242			E278			P input

Y244			Y280			H-bond H276
K319			K354			C input
L358 (C=O)		L393			P output
D364			D399			P output

Only the role as metal ligand is definitive. FE = farnesylethyl
(The numbers for the corresponding residues from Rhodobacter can be 
obtained from the residues for  Paracoccus simply by adding 8)).