Interactive Cytochrome Oxidase

This visualization of selected aspects of cytochrome oxidase structure requires that you are running Netscape Navigator 2.0x or higher (3.0 strongly recomended) AND that Chime is installed on your computer. If Chime is not installed and you would like to do the demo then Down Load Chime Now

After Chime is downloaded you should find 3 files on the desktop with names like
You only need the first. Drag it to the plug-in folder inside the Netscape folder and restart Netscape.

You are now ready to run.

If you are using a PC or a Unix machine similar steps will be needed.

You will see 3 windows. In the middle is the molecule. To the left is a panel which contain controls which allow you to change general properties of the structure. Under the structure is another panel with controls which allow you to display aspects of the structure specific to this particular display. You can effect the changes by clicking on the relevant box [x]. Because the structure is large you may think that nothing is happening. Just be patient.

Cytochrome oxidase Subunit I
Cytochrome oxidase Subunit II

Other molecules of general interest are:

Two Iron Ferredoxin
Four Iron Ferredoxin
Cytochrome c
Cytochrome b5
Type I Copper Center
Type I, II & III Copper Centers of ascorbate oxidase