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Claymation with PowerPoint!

Mike setting up for a scene.When I wanted to do claymation in my class I had to do some major research to learn how. Ms. Hill, a math teacher here at The Rice School wanted to have her students do a special project on fractions so we worked together on a project where 2 middle school students (Stephanie Francic in 8th grade and Michael Sanchez in 7th grade) mentored a group of 5th grade students to make a movie about fractions. Other teachers were interested in how to keep it simple and do it in a classroom setting so I created this page. The pictures on this page are some we made while students were working on Ms. Hill's movie.

Ms. Hill's Fraction Pizza Party Warning - This is a huge file. It will take a while to download! This is a folder containing a packed PowerPoint presentation. To view the movie, download the zipped folder and unzip it. The folder contains a file called pngsetup. Double-click on that file and the movie will open in PowerPoint or PowerPoint viewer. If you don't have PowerPoint or the free viewer program it can be downloaded free from Microsoft.

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